Real Estate Capital Markets Conference

What is the State of the Global Real Estate Capital Markets?

In this brief video from the recent Real Estate Capital Markets Conference, several experts share their views on global capital flows, including participants from CBRE Global Investment Partners, Cerberus Capital Management, Greenhill & Co. and The Scion Group. They commented on where investors are spending money on real estate, the sectors they’re investing in and what the future holds for real estate capital markets across the globe.

Real Estate Industry Influencers: Stephen M. Ross

Stephen M. Ross, Chairman and Founder of Related Companies, served as the keynote speaker at the 2018 Real Estate Capital Markets Conference, hosted by Columbia Business School and Goodwin. Watch the video below to learn about some of the ways in which affordable housing informed Stephen's acquisition strategy early in his career. The video also highlights his work on the Hudson Yards project in New York City and its potential impact on a local and global scale and how he thinks tax reform may affect real estate capital markets.

Innovation and Disruption: Investing in the Future of the Real Estate Industry

The potential impacts of innovation and disruption on the real estate industry were addressed by many of this year’s conference speakers, including participants from Airbnb, Cerberus Capital Management, Columbia Business School, Kasita, MetaProp, RealAtom and Related Companies. Watch the video below to learn more about the likely impacts of technology on real estate.

2018 RECM Conference Overview

As Goodwin and Columbia Business School held their 11th Annual Real Estate Capital Markets Conference in January 2018, the more than 500 participants had just left behind a year that saw transaction volumes decline and REITs significantly underperform for a second straight year. In this brief video, experts share their views on these topics and more.


Real Estate Capital Markets Conference: Mid-Year Update

In planning for the 2018 conference, Goodwin Partners John Ferguson and Gil Menna, and Columbia Business School Co-Directors of the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, Professor Christopher Mayer, and President of Metropolitan Real Estate David Sherman ’82, took a moment to discuss the partnership between Columbia and Goodwin, as well as the evolution and the importance of the conference over the past 10 years.


2017 Videos


From a new U.S. presidential administration to the impact of Brexit on Europe and beyond to the outlook for Latin America and international trade agreements, opportunities in the global real estate capital markets abound. In this brief video, experts share their views on these topics and more from the 2017 Real Estate Capital Markets Conference hosted by Goodwin and Columbia Business School.


Traditionally considered the domain of the digital age, disruptors are emerging in more sectors every day, including the real estate capital markets where they can both upset conventional wisdom or encourage innovation. Whether they are in the form of driverless cars, crowdfunding, telecommuting or big data, disruptors pose challenges and opportunities for the real estate sector. This brief video from the 2017 conference examines how disruptors can best be anticipated and addressed.


In this video, Goodwin Partners John Ferguson, Minta Kay and Gil Menna, Columbia Professor of Real Estate and Co-Director Chris Mayer, and Co-Founder, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Metropolitan Real Estate David Sherman offer insight on the future of global real estate capital markets.